Overview of all Vector illustrations and AutoCAD drawings

Indian Railways, Freight trains, Cars, Locomotives, German tanks, Dutch architecture and Wire design



Vector illustration with front view of urban coffee house. A street cafe. Modern minimal design. Urban scene, classic narrow European street.
  • Exterior facade of cafe in retro style with name ROMANCE

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Vector set with truck for worldwide delivery service. Detailed side, front and back view. Illustration suitable for different infographic, web design and advertising purposes.
  • Vector icons with retro van Ford C-600 for delivery services

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Side view with stylish design of gym equipment suitable for web design and mobile applications. High-quality vector symbols created with AutoCAD and Adobe Illustrator CS6.
  • Vector set with fitness icons in red-black and black contour

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Side and front view of open top hopper used by American Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway company. Freight car with aluminum body and twin longitudinal tubs for unloading of ballast cargo. Technical vector illustration with all details and inscriptions. EDITORIAL USE
  • Aluminum bethgon coalporter in livery of BNSF Railway

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Vector illustration of tourist vessel made with AutoCAD - side and front view. Ship has 21 meters length, additional escape ladder and broadened stairs on main deck. Technical diagram with high quality.
  • Vector drawing of passenger boat type Catamaran

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Vector drawing of passenger diesel locomotive P42DC produced by General Electric Genesis and used to serve Amtrak train of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation. This engine is used for medium and long distance intercity trains for carriage of passengers in the contiguous American states.
  • American diesel-electric locomotive P42DC by Amtrak train

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Vector drawing and illustration with side view of Nazi a light machine gun MG 34 used by the Wehrmacht and SS troops during the Second World War. This weapon was mounted by the German soldiers on armored transports, tanks (armored version of MG 34 Panzerlauf), motorcycles and bicycles.
  • German machine gun Maschinengewehr MG 34 from World War II

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Vector drawing with side and front view of cylindrical hopper used for transport of grain cargo in Canada. High-quality vector sketch with separated layers containing technical parameters, inscriptions, railway tracks, handbrake assembly and logo of the Canadian Wheat Board. EDITORIAL USE
  • Diagram of covered hopper car by the Gouvernement du Canada

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Side view of German PzKpfw VI Tiger I from the 509th heavy panzer battalion. The tactical number "331" of the machine is painted with a Russian template. This battalion does not use Teutonic cross on the side of the board. Coating with zimmerit missing. The tank is destroyed in 1943 near to Kiev.
  • Tank Tiger I number 331 early series mid-production variant

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Young woman in traditional folk costume from Southwest Bulgaria. The region is known as Pirin Macedonia. Ethno motifs and classical Bulgarian embroidery.
  • Beautiful woman in folk costume from Southwest Bulgaria

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Bulgarian beautiful girl dressed in traditional summer folk costume from LittleTarnovo.  Vector illustration with folklore motifs.
  • Beautiful girl dressed in traditional Bulgarian folk costume

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Vector illustration for basketball team of Boston Celtics, who holds the record for most titles won in NBA - 17 championships.
Perspective of basketball court with stand, hoop, lines and center circle. Mascot Leprechaun is upright on the floor and pointing with finger and ball the championship flags. EDITORIAL USE
  • Boston Celtics championship banners, team logo and home court

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Railroad tank car with US designation DOT 111A100W3 used by the North American Railways - specification for a non-pressurized rail cistern. In Canada are called CTC-111A. Details - bogies, couplers, air hoses, placard with number 1267, head shields, stairs and all technical inscriptions. Side and front view.
  • Tank car DOT-111 with head shield for transport of crude oil

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Side view of military steel helmet from Second World War. Colors and insignia of  troops of Waffen-SS who involved in the fighting on the Eastern front. Right view shows emblem with black runic symbols over white shield. On left side is depicts the logo of the Nazi Party- red shield with a white circle and a swastika inside.
  • Steel helmet used by troops of Waffen-SS during World War II

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Wireframe model of walking man created with computer. Front, rear, side and axonometric view.
Three-dimensional polygonal design.
  • Vector drawing with transparent wire design of walking man

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Side view of Indian passenger cars with wide panoramic window Class 2A and Class 3A. Linke Hofmann Busch sleepers in classic red-gray livery and new silver color scheme with two red bands. Reporting marks - SW and SR - South Western and South zones of Indian Railways. EDITORIAL USE
  • LHB AC 3-tier and AC 2-tier coaches with bezel less window

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